Making a Bible Cover

In this tutorial I used: scraps of upholstry and decorative fabrics, leather, a magnetic button snap closure and an old mini picture frame.

 I started by sketching out ideas for a pattern. I measured the length, width and thickness of my Bible and added a little extra for hemming the edges and folding over the inside fabric to make the pockets.
With a pencil and ruler I marked the cut lines on the inside of my green lining fabric.
I pieced together my leather, trim, and scrap strip.
 The leather I used was a very soft and fairly thin piece.
 * If your leather is thicker you will probably need a leather needle on your machine (trust me I've broken a few regular ones before I went out and bought the right kind)
 Here I have matched up the green lining with the front (right sides together). I trimmed where necessary to make sure it was a perfect fit. Then I sewed around all four sides leaving a small opening on one end so I could turn it right side out.
 Then I pinned and topstitched the ends on each side.
 Note: I ironed the fabrics that could be ironed to make it lay nice and flat. (do not iron leather, yikes!)
I folded over the end pieces and made sure that my Bible would fit. Then I hand stitched the folded over pocket pieces that would hold the Bible in place. Done.

You will see in these photos that I did add a couple of extras. I sewed a small strip of elastic on the front pocket to hold my pens. I also used a 1.25" wide strip of leather to make a closure. I sewed the leather strip on the back and put a magnetic button closure on the other end. Then I used a small old picture frame to decorate the front. I filled the frame with a piece of coordinating fabric, which I padded from the back side with a cottonball and hot glued on the small cardboard backing before using Weldbond glue to secure it to the leather strip. I also hand stitched the frame down to the leather strip to make sure it was really secure.
 The buckle-like closure doubles as a great page saver. ;)
Ok, so let me have it. What can I change or add to these Bible covers? Any suggestions? (Handles, zipper, more pockets, etc.......) Thanks everybody, I really appreciate your feedback.