Date Night Box

The Valentine gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

My sister Jodi came up with a great idea for her February MOPS group craft: A Date Night Box. She found some great little wooden craft boxes at our local craft store for only $1 each and I helped her come up with a way to decorate them.

We used some brown stamp ink pads to distress the boxes by rubbing the ink pad gently over the edges and surfaces of the box. Then we selected and cut pieces of scrap book paper to decorate the lid of the box. We distressed the edges of the papers and layered them to make the design we wanted. Using matte ModPodge we glued the paper in place. We also used a scrapbook paper that had little frames printed all over it. We carefully cut the frames out with scissors and used an ultra fine point black marker to make the "Date Night" labels and glued them in place.

Inside the box Jodi had used ideas from the book The Little Black Book of Dating Ideas by: John Graham, Stuart Ough, and Morgan Taylor to create date night idea cards in 5 different categories. She typed them up in Excel and printed them out and we cut them all apart and arranged them into the categories. There are enough date ideas to keep a couple busy with new dating adventures all year.

I added a couple of things to my box. First, I put my categories on pieces of dark pink cardstock cut just slightly taller than my pieces of paper. I distressed the edges with my stamp pad.

 Then, since I had extra space in my box I used a couple of 1" craft blocks and decoupaged coordinating pieces of craft paper on each side and distressed the edges with my stamp pad. I put an X and an O on one side and then numbered the rest of the sides 1-5 for each of the categories using stickers. (*Note: I originally had 3 blocks but they didn't quite fit inside the box so I had to leave one out and I glued down one of my metal roses to fill the empty space.)

The purpose of the blocks is to help with the date selection process. You and your spouse each roll a dice and see what number comes up. If you roll an X you get a kiss. If you roll an O you get a hug. If you both roll numbers you each pick a card from the designated categories and then decide which you would rather do (or maybe do both).
It makes a fun little game of getting things started.
Especially when you know you might get an extra little hug or kiss for your roll. ;)

These are the categories:

 And here's a little example from each category:

My husband totally loved this gift and we are excited about going on our first date.
*Even though our "first date" was actually over 12 years ago!  xoxo

Thanks Jodi, I really enjoyed working on this project with you sis!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!